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Sylwia Juszczak

Born: 17.06.1977 Wroclaw, Poland
Height: 170 cm
Education: PWSFTviT (Film and Theatre College) in Lodz 2002

I am a passionate actress from Warsaw.

My Story

My name is Sylwia Arnesen and I am a 39 years’ old actress. I am originally from Poland, but I moved to Oslo in 2011. My goal is to establish myself as an actress in Norway but, at the same time, retain my position in Poland.

In 2002 I got a master degree in acting at the famous Film and Theatre School in Lodz, Poland. Right after graduation, I starred in the feature movie Louder Than Bombs, and for the past ten years, I have played in 15 films, 25 TV-series and several short films and theatre plays. During these years, I have managed to establish myself in Poland as a well-known and respected actress and a familiar face on TV. I have also won six awards for my work in film, theatre and television.


Best Actress Award at the Aim Mumbai International Short Film Carnival


Best Actress Award at the Imphal International Short Film Festival


Award at the International Bartoszki Film Festival


Award at the International Festival "Ale Kino!"